Sex Positions For Overweight People

Fat sex is just like any other sex, and there are plenty of positions that can work for people of all sizes. These tried-and-true positions will help you and your partner have an orgasm that’s deep, easy, and enjoyable.

If you’re overweight, consider using pillows for added support and to keep the position comfortable. Here are a few of the most popular sexual positions for overweight people.

1. Reverse Cowgirl

A little extra weight shouldn’t limit you or your partner sexually. The key to a fulfilling sex life is to focus on what turns you both on, which can include manual stimulation and oral sex, as well as penetrative positions.

According to sex expert Jacqui Olliver, one of the best sexual positions for overweight people is a modification of the classic missionary position. For this version, the man lies on his back with his knees bent and his hands resting on his chest or along each side of him, taking some of his lower body weight. “This allows her to grind her back up against him while he is thrusting on her, or vice versa,” says Olliver.

This position also works for couples where the woman has a large belly, as her body will not get in the way during penetration. Depending on the height difference between you and your partner, it may be useful to use a pillow for support and leverage.

This sex position can be done on the bed, the couch or a pillow. It also allows you to use sex toys and is ideal for roleplay. You can stimulate your clitoris, G-spot, and nipples, as well as stimulate your partner’s cock. It’s a comfortable and safe position to try for people of all sizes.

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2. Modified Missionary

The classic missionary sex position can be uncomfortable for overweight partners, who may experience pinching or discomfort. Instead, try this modified version that allows the receptive partner to place pillows under their buttocks for added support. The position also changes the angle, which can be beneficial for deep penetration.

This position works well for plus size women who want to stimulate the inner upper walls of their vagina, commonly referred to as the G-spot. It’s not as intense as doggy style and doesn’t require the woman to bend over, which makes it less strenuous for women who have back or hip pain.

Modified missionary is also a great way to increase the speed of penetration. To do this, the receptive partner can put pillows under their butt for extra support or even prop an inflatable sex pillow up against their belly for increased sensation and access to their naughty areas.

Ultimately, sexual positions for overweight people are going to vary from couple to couple, but it’s important to experiment until you find what feels good to both of you. Keep in mind that sex is more than penetrative; oral and manual stimulation are just as arousing for many couples. The most important thing is that both partners feel close and turned on and are comfortable. That’s why communication and confidence are key.

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3. Reverse Butterfly

A variation of the cowgirl position that allows the woman to control the pace of penetration, the reverse butterfly is another great sex position for overweight people. This sex position involves the woman lying down and raising her legs onto her partner’s shoulders. She can then support herself with her hands to increase the comfort and intensity of the position. It’s also a good choice for those with a back injury or a painful abdomen.

Unlike the traditional butterfly, which requires both partners to be in a fairly close proximity, the reverse version is more accommodating of larger bodies. It’s possible to do this position while sitting down on the bed, and you can use a pillow for additional support if necessary.

The advantage of this sex position is that it allows the penetrator to stimulate the clitoral hood with their fingers, which is a major sexual pleasure point for many women. It also provides easy access to the vagina and increases blood flow, which makes it easier to achieve orgasm.

Some people find the position uncomfortable because it places pressure on the pelvic muscles, which can cause cramps and other issues if overworked. Using pillows to provide extra support and reduce the strain can help you and your partner enjoy this sex position for longer periods of time.

4. Woman-on-Top

Sometimes, certain sex positions just won’t work for people with bigger bodies. That doesn’t mean that you and your partner won’t have a great sexual experience, but it does make it more difficult to find positions that are comfortable.

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Fortunately, there are some sex positions that do work well for overweight people. One of these is the cowgirl position. It allows the receiver to have a very pleasurable experience, and it’s even more satisfying for fat people than for lean ones.

Another excellent sex position for overweight people is spooning. It’s a variation of the missionary position, and it allows the giver to penetrate more deeply than with the missionary. It also allows the recipient to feel more pressure on the genitals, which is very important for stimulating the g- and p-spot.

Finally, the butterfly position is a great sex position for overweight couples. It requires the giver to place pillows under the receiver’s buttocks, but it makes penetration easy and very satisfying. It’s also a very good position for stimulating the clitoris, so it’s a great choice for overweight people. Just be sure to talk with your partner about what positions you both want to try, and don’t be afraid to experiment. If something doesn’t feel good, don’t force it. The most important thing is to enjoy sex and have fun!

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