Sex Positions For Big Girls

There are sex positions that are easy to learn and even easier for plus size bodies. Missionary is one of them.

It can get tiring for the receiver if her tummy gets in the way, so a simple solution is to elevate her hips with a pillow. This allows for a sexy position that’ll lead to orgasms to die for.


Being a big girl doesn’t have to stop you from feeling confident in the bedroom. While there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re plus-size, there are also positions that will make your experience more enjoyable for both you and your partner.

The Butterfly position is a great option for anyone who wants to mix it up in the bedroom. It involves the vulva owner lying back on a bed or other surface while the giver stands and penetrates them. To get the most out of the position, you should elevate your hips by placing pillows under them. This helps your tummy flesh fall back, which allows for deeper penetration and more clitoral stimulation.

As with any new sex position, you should always practice it with a trusted and trustworthy partner in a safe environment. Remember to communicate with your partner throughout the process and experiment with different lubricants to maximize comfort and pleasure.


Another sex position that’s great for plus-size women is the seated position. It’s simple: the seated partner sits at the edge of a bed or other surface, and their insertive partner stands between them to enter. This gives the giver great control and a nipple-sucking, orgasm-inducing sensation for the receiver.

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For this sex position, the seated partner raises one leg and bends it at the knee to form a “v” shape. This position allows the giver to enter easily and provides deep penetration for the receiver.

Some sex positions can be uncomfortable for bigger people to do, and some may require additional pillow or sex wedge support. However, the key to a satisfying sex life is not to let your size prevent you from trying different positions. It’s also important to communicate with your partner about what positions are more comfortable for both of you. Then you can focus on enjoying your time in the bedroom together. This is a great time to embrace your curves and remind yourself that love comes in all shapes and sizes.


The cowgirl position is an especially great sex position for plus girls because it provides plenty of clitoral stimulation, helping you to reach climax and orgasm. You can have fun stroking, grinding and licking your partner’s clitoris while in this position. It is also an empowering position for the person on top because it allows you to be in charge of your pleasure and sexual experience.

You can use couples vibrators and penis rings while in this position too, for even more sensations. For a more intense experience, try angling your pelvis backward to explore different areas of your vulva and G-spot. This makes the position a lot more exciting for both partners.

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The cowgirl position can also be done on a sex chair for extra stability and comfort, or with pillows under your back to help you maintain the right angle for penetration. It is also more accomodating than the doggy position and can be a good option for those with a bit of trouble getting comfortable in other positions. It is a really good alternative for plus size couples who want to give doggy a go but need something a little more intimate and supportive.


Whether you’re big or small, the doggy position is an easy and fun way to explore penetration and clitoral stimulation. It’s also a great option for plus size women who are concerned about face-to-face positions that put too much pressure on their knees.

In doggy, the receiving partner lies on all fours and the penetrating partner kneels in front of them. This gives the receiving partner a bit of privacy and prevents their body from being on full display for the entire duration of the session.

Because of the ease and comfort of this sex position, many couples turn to doggy for bedroom intimacy sessions, but it’s also a good choice for kink play in other settings. Try doggy on a couch, in the shower, or over a kitchen table for some playful intimacy.

If doggy isn’t quite a fit for you, try a variation like standing doggy where the penetrating partner stands behind their partner while they’re bent over. This can add some extra height and complexity to the position. It also allows for more deep penetration which can be especially pleasurable for big girls.

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The missionary position is a classic bedroom position for couples of any size. It allows men to dominate and control the pace of penetration, which can lead to climax quicker. It also lets them enjoy the pleasure of touching and stroking as they enter. Plus-size women can increase the depth of penetration by elevating their hips with a pillow or two, which makes it easy to reach their clitoris and vulva.

In addition, it’s one of the safest positions for bigger bods since it requires little exertion. The top partner can support their weight with their hands or feet and make use of their back and leg muscles to help them thrust. The receiver can rotate their hips to create new angles to improve sensations and penetration, too.

This sex position can be used for heterosexual sex, but it’s also popular among lesbian couples. They can grind each other and use their fingers, sex toys, and other objects to enhance pleasure. They can also have anal sex in this position, which can be even more intimate than regular missionary sex.

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