Top 5 Sexual Positions For Overweight Couples

Many sex positions are difficult for couples who have a lot of weight to deal with, but there are great ones that are still fun and effective. It’s just a matter of communicating about what feels good and finding ways to make these positions work for both partners.

One of the best sexual positions for overweight couples is doggy style. It is very comfortable and makes it easy for the top partner to access the bottom partner’s genitals.

Doggy Style

A variation of the classic missionary position, this sexual position is perfect for overweight couples. It allows the man to use his strength in the right places and also helps to stimulate her G-spot more effectively. It can be used with or without a vibrator for added stimulation.

It also allows for her to touch his back or hands, stimulating his clitoris as well. Then she can slowly slide her legs up and down his arms and chest to give him a ride. It is a great position for oral sex as well.

If she needs extra support, she can add a wedge sex pillow under her butt to lift it. This will help to make it easier for her partner to penetrate deeper. It will also improve the angle to her genitals making it more accessible to him regardless of her size. For added intimacy, she can place her face in the pillows as well for a more intimate experience. Other variations of the doggy style include standing doggy where he stands or kneels behind her and flat doggy where she lies flat on her stomach as he hovers over her from the front.

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Sideways Crunched Turtle

A twist on the classic cowgirl position, this sex position is one of the best for plus size women as it prevents her stomach from interfering with penetration. With this position, the man sits on a chair or other sturdy piece of furniture and the woman kneels with her arms stretched forward so that her dick is in the air or on her chest.

The penetrating partner kneels behind her and places his or her legs on either side of the woman to support her body weight. He or she can also grab the woman’s hips to increase the leverage for thrusting. This sex position feels great for both partners and stimulates the front of the vagina as well as the clitoral area.

The best sex positions for overweight couples will vary from couple to couple and may take some time to discover. But with open communication, confidence to express what feels good and a willingness to experiment, the pleasures of sex are available to anyone of any size. Try some of these comfortable and fun positions to spice up your sexual life!


We tend to think of sex as this gravity-defying, contortionist act that requires a certain amount of flexibility. But it doesn’t have to be that way — sex is more than penetrative; oral, manual stimulation, and even kissing can all count as sexual activity. And it’s more fun if you and your partner explore the possibilities until you find what feels most satisfying.

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One great sex position to try is the butterfly. This steamier version of tried-and-true missionary is a good choice for plus size couples because it focuses on the vulva, and doesn’t require a lot of twisting or bending.

The recipient lays on their back, and the giver lies on top and enters them from the front (or kneels in front and penetrates them). A few pillows under the bottom partner’s hips can help with positioning. This is also a good position for experimenting with different sensations — moving the pelvis back and forth and changing the angle of penetration can create new feelings. Try it with a variety of sex toys to enhance orgasm and spice things up!


If you and your partner enjoy intimate and hands-free sex, the spooning position may be just for you. It’s a close and snuggly position that ensures comfort and connection. Plus, it’s easy to get into.

One person, called the ‘bigger spoon,’ lies down on their back during penetration and the other person, called the ‘little spoon,’ is situated in front. This allows the big spoon to explore the G-spot and stimulate clitoral nerves, both of which are pleasurable for plus-size couples.

A sexy variation on the traditional spooning position is known as butterfly, in which the receiving partner lays back on a surface like a bed or table while the giving partner stands to penetrate. It’s one of the most popular positions for obese couples because it provides a full view of the genitals, doesn’t allow the stomach to interfere and lets the partner in the back use a sex strap or yoga belt for leverage when thrusting. Using pillows for support is also a good idea, and can make this position more comfortable.

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One of the most intimate sex positions, the missionary is great for couples who want to get up close and personal. As partners lay face to face, eye contact is strong, which can build bonding and sexual tension.

For the partner on top, they have more control over speed and depth of penetration. They can also rotate their hips to create different angles and increase pleasure for both partners. For the bottom, the position can target the clitoris and G-spot, a sensitive area on the upper wall of the vagina.

The bottom partner can try crossing their ankles in front of their heads if they have flexibility to add additional stimulation. And since the missionary is a hands-free position, it’s easy to use sex toys like cock rings or external vibrators for clitoral stimulation.

Adding a pillow under the bottom partner’s head can lift their pelvic girdle, allowing for deeper penetration and more sensation. And if they want to spice things up, the bottom can wear a blindfold for a thrilling experience that increases their senses of anticipation.

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