Sex Positions For Older Couples

While age brings wisdom, it may also reduce the flexibility of certain muscles and joints. So it’s important to be flexible in the bedroom and try different sex positions.

Spooning is great for older couples as it lines up their genitals for penetration and allows for manual clitoral stimulation. A modified missionary is also easy to do and can be great for those with back pain.

1. Doggy Style

This classic sex position is a great way to stimulate the G spot and can be made more fun with different angles, lube, and manual stimulation. Just be aware that this position can place a lot of pressure on the knees, so if it starts to hurt, try lowering your partner’s body weight onto the bed or using pillows under the body to reduce the pressure and allow for a more comfortable experience.

Another option is to straddle the legs of the penetrating partner, which allows the bottom partner to move around a bit more and add variety to the sexual experience. It’s also a good idea to make sure the man can easily reach the tip of the woman’s cervix, which is sometimes called the A-spot.

If the basic doggy style is too difficult due to height differences, try a variation known as missionary. The woman gets on hands and knees while the man comes in behind her, on his knees, for penetration from the rear. It’s easy for both partners to vary depth and speed, making it a good sex position for older couples.

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2. Missionary

Missionary is a classic, simple sex position that’s easy for partners to get into and can be incredibly pleasurable. With it, you’re face-to-face with your partner, and nothing builds intimacy quite like eye contact during penetration.

You can vary this position by placing a pillow or sex wedge under the bottom partner’s hips to raise them, which makes it easier for the person on top to penetrate their G-spot (or prostate). Or, try crossing your legs behind your head (if flexibility allows it) for manual clitoral stimulation.

The person on top can also adjust speed, depth and angle to customize their experience. If insertion is difficult for you, try using a lubricant or adding in some pelvic massage before trying again. Missionary is also a great sex position for those who find the hook position to be too painful or intense. It’s a good place to start and then move on to more complicated positions. Or, you can combine missionary with the 69 position or doggy style for even more variety and pleasure.

3. Cowgirl

The cowgirl sex position offers exciting clitoral stimulation for the bottom partner and deep penetration for the giver. It also provides face-to-face intimacy and easy access to the G-spot. Plus, it’s easier for older couples to do than many other positions that can result in cramps and numbness, according to Wendy.

Essentially, this sex position is the Doggy Style position flipped over, and it’s ideal for anyone with back pain or fatigue. The woman lies flat on the bed and faces her partner, with her legs straddled over the edge of the mattress or pillows for support. The man then enters her from behind, easing into the inner upper walls of her vagina for stimulating friction.

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For more excitement and a bit of a climax boost, try Sofa Spooning. This sex position is suitable for inside the bedroom and on the couch, and it’s perfect for seniors who aren’t as energetic or active. For more clitoral stimulation, wiggle your fingers into their nipples or spread your arms to add pressure to the clitoral hood.

4. Side by Side

While some elderly couples may have physical limitations that can make sexual intimacy difficult, it’s not impossible to enjoy passionate sex. Having some flexibility in your sex positions is important, especially if you have stiff joints. Using different positions will also help ease pain caused by menopause or arthritis.

A modified missionary is a great position for older lovers with hip issues. In this sex position, the woman lies on her back with one leg raised, and the man enters from behind. This position allows the woman to kiss her penetrating partner, and they can control pace and depth.

Spooning is an ideal cuddling sex position that maintains emotional intimacy and can easily be built up to climax. It’s also a good position for older partners who have arthritic hands, wrists, or back problems because it takes the pressure off those aching joints. Using a lubricant and stimulating erogenous zones will heighten the sensations. Then, you can use a sex toy or your hands to play with each other’s genitals to boost penetration. This is another position that can be done while seated in a chair, which is helpful for couples with mobility issues.

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5. Bending Down

Many older adults experience aches and pains that prevent them from enjoying the intimacy of sex. Luckily, a few modifications to classic positions like missionary can help you reconnect with your partner and re-ignite your passions.

Rather than sitting on the bed or a chair, try lying on your side with your body curled into your partner’s. The position is easy on the back and allows your hands to be free to stimulate each other’s erogenous zones. It’s also great for those with fibromyalgia or arthritis as it takes pressure off the hips and knees.

If you’re a fan of the missionary position but find that your knees are aching, try doing it standing up. This positions eases the strain on your joints and makes it easier to push down and enter your receptive partner from behind. You can use a wall or ledge to support yourself and add pillows for added comfort. Adding the X-position to this style can also take pressure off your partner’s weak knees by allowing him to lean over you and straddle you.

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