Sex Positions For Last Longer

Whether you want to last longer in bed or prevent premature ejaculation, knowing the right sex positions can help. Rather than racing to the finish line, these positions make your sex marathon more like a slow, sensual stroll.

This position is great for deep penetration without the risk of a painful climax. It also stimulates the delicate underside of the penis and allows for intimate eye contact and clitoral stimulation.


The side-by-side position may not be the first one that comes to mind when thinking of sex positions for last longer, but it can work. It is a great way to give your partner an intimate tease while still allowing them to penetrate deeply with thrusts. It is also a good choice for women who struggle with premature ejaculation, as it provides a more shallow sensation than other positions that require forceful penetration.

Another sex position for last longer is the spooning position, which is similar to doggy style but less impractical – These details are the handiwork of the website’s editorial board Sex Holes. The man lies on his back while the woman straddles him, with her legs placed over his. She can then lean forward, adjusting to the depth that feels most satisfying, and she can also place her hand on his chest for support and stimulation.

The spooning position is also a great option for oral sex, as the person receiving can easily lower themselves onto the giver’s mouth in a face-sitting manner. The sex position can be further extended with the use of vibrators to increase arousal and to help the giver maintain an erection. Another variation on the spooning position is the yab-yum position, which involves the giver lying on their stomach while the receiver straddles them with her legs around the waist. This makes it easier for the giver to reach the anal area and stimulate the clit or penis.

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Doggy-style is one of the most popular sex positions in a Women’s Health poll, with men listing it as their favorite sex position (trumping old standbys like missionary). It can be used for vaginal and anal sex, and also works well for cunnilingus. To do it, both partners lie on their sides and face each other. The penetrating partner bends forward at the hip and lifts their top leg, which can help guide their penis into the receiver. A little lube makes this position a lot more pleasurable, and it gives the receiver a sense of control.

But it’s important that both partners are ready for this position and have had some foreplay. Otherwise, the receiver may become overstimulated, which can lead to a painful experience. Plus, some research suggests that this position can put the penetrating partner at higher risk for penis injury from over-thrusting and/or lack of lubrication.

As with any new sexual position, if the receiver feels uncomfortable, they should let their partner know that it’s okay to take a break. Similarly, the penetrating partner should be prepared to slow down or pull out if their receiver is reaching the “point of no return” (a feeling of intense arousal that precedes ejaculation). This will allow both partners to enjoy a longer session and also reduce their chances of an unexpected erection.

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Spooning is a popular sex position that involves intimate cuddling. The penetrating partner lies down with their chest resting on or close to the receiving partner’s back in this position, notes sex expert Marla Renee Stewart. It’s a comfortable position that allows couples to caress each other and stimulate each other’s erogenous zones. It’s also a great position for oral sex, she says.

The big spoon can use their hands, a sex toy, or even a strap-on dildo in this position, depending on the preferences of the little spoon. The position creates shallow penetration, which can help the sex last longer since deep thrusting quickly sends most men over the edge, according to sexologist Ness Cooper.

If traditional spooning isn’t comfortable for you or your partner, try a leg wrap spooning variation. The big spoon lies on their side facing the little spoon in a fetal position, while the little spoon lifts one of their legs and wraps it around the big spoon’s hips to hold them closer. The position can also be used for anal and vaginal penetration.

As you explore different sex positions, make sure to take it slowly and don’t rush the process. It’s important to have good posture, and use lube to ensure that your partners’ skin slides smoothly. It’s also a good idea to move between different positions throughout the experience, so that each of you can experience sex for as long as possible.

Coital Alignment Technique

Those who’ve watched Netflix’s NSFW series Sex/Life might remember Billie telling Brad about her sexy new position called the Coital Alignment Technique. CAT, as it’s known in the sex community, is a slight tweak on classic missionary that allows for hands-free clitoral stimulation while reducing pressure during penetration.

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Essentially, the penetrating partner lies on their back and their legs are comfortably spread apart, just like a regular missionary position. Then the receiving partner straddles them like they would in normal missionary, and the person on top will slowly grind the base of their penis up against the other’s clitoris while moving back and forth in a rocking motion.

This rubbing and grinding will help stimulate the nerves that connect the labia minora—the inner lips of the vulva—to the clitoris. And since the clitoris is one of the most pleasurable parts of the body, this move will help a lot.

It’s also a great position for those who want to use toys or masturbation during sex, because it keeps the penetrating partner’s hand free. But there is a risk that this more structured approach could take away from the natural intimacy and sense of abandon that many couples crave, according to sex therapist Rachel Smith.

Plus, if the sex moves are too intense for both partners, a few slow and gentle movements of the genitals can still produce some serious pleasure. So if you’re looking for a sex position that can last longer than your average missionary, the CAT might be the perfect fit.

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