Sex Positions For Older People

When it comes to sex positions for older people, there’s no one size fits all. But it’s important to remain open to exploring new positions and experimenting with different ways to experience pleasure.

For example, sofa spooning is great for arousal because it’s comfortable for both partners. Plus, it’s easy to transition into sex from cuddling.

Doggy Style

When you’re older, sex might look a little different than when you were younger. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as exciting and pleasurable. With a few modifications to your usual positions, senior couples can make doggy style feel even better.

One way is to use a pillow, like a neck pillow, to lift the hips so that your partner can penetrate more easily. Another option is to try standing doggy, which lets the bottom partner move around a bit more and eliminates the pressure on knees. If you have trouble getting up or down from a sitting position, try using a chair or wheelchair for support. You can also prop up the top partner with pillows under their stomach and upper body to help ease their movement.

Doggy style is great for stimulating the clitoris, but it can be uncomfortable for the partner on the bottom. To counter that, you can try adjusting the depth of your thrusts to be less intense. This can be especially important if you have a condition such as arthritis or other chronic pain that flares up during sex.

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You can also try a variation called Cowgirl, which has the penetrating partner straddle the bottom partner’s shoulders and uses a lot of grinding motions to stimulate the pubic mound. It’s more comfortable for the person on the bottom than Missionary, which relies on hips and ankles, and it can be used on a bed or in a chair.

Sofa Spooning

This spooning position is similar to regular cuddling, but it’s a little more intimate. It can be platonic or a prelude to sexual activity, although it is important to set boundaries if you don’t feel sexual. You can use it to increase intimacy with your partner, or incorporate toys and fingers. It’s best to stay communicative so you can both feel what is going on.

This position works best on a couch that’s large enough for both partners. The partner with limited mobility sits in a chair or wheelchair (with the armrests removed) and leans forward into the arms of their partner. The partner on top straddles them and wraps their arms around them. They can then push up and down and twist their body to stimulate the other’s back, shoulders, and arms. They can also slide their hand up and down the back of their partner’s body to caress their breasts or vulva.

It’s usually the taller person who takes on the role of “big spoon,” but gender doesn’t matter and people of all heights can do this position. This type of spooning increases the intimacy between partners, and it’s a good position for penetrative sex. It may require some bodily adjustment if you’re at different heights, so it’s important to communicate with your partner and to move when the feeling is right.

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Cuddling with your partner releases oxytocin, which is known as the hug hormone. This makes you feel good and can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and ease pain. It can even bolster your immune system. This is why it’s so important to include cuddling in your nightly routine. It’s the perfect way to relax and prepare for bed, and it can lead to arousal, orgasm, and increased vaginal lubrication.

Missionary Position

The missionary position is a classic sex position that allows both partners to get intimate. It can be a great option for older couples who need to keep sex fresh and exciting as it is a simple and safe position that can lead to pleasure. Using a pillow under the bottom partner’s hips can make this position easier for both parties. This position is also great for seniors with back pain, knee or hip problems because it takes pressure off the spine and joints.

The man enters the woman from behind in this sex position which can stimulate the G spot and heighten orgasm. The man can also hold on to the woman’s ass and hips which adds a bit of extra stimulation to their pleasure. In this sex position the giving partner is hands-free which makes it easy for them to massage and stimulate the receiving partner’s erogenous zones such as their breasts, clitoris or even her ass. This is a great position for couples who love to give oral sex as it is extremely intimate and both partners can enjoy the same sensations.

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This position is similar to the Sofa Spooning position as both partners are facing each other but it allows the bottom partner to put their legs on the top partner’s shoulders which opens up new possibilities. The bottom partner can then hook their leg up over the man’s shoulder and straddle him which can allow them to penetrate deeper into each other which is a great way to heighten pleasure and sexual interest.

The bottom partner can also use a pillow to raise their pelvis higher which will open up more possibilities and help with insertion. If this position is difficult to do because of dryness or pain upon entry try a lubricant. Oral sex is still sex so if penetration is painful or too much effort try sticking to that instead, but don’t forget to try different positions as well!

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