The Best Way to Masterbate Female Masturbation

While fingering and stroking the anal area can give pleasure, stimulating the clitoris is also a turn-on. You can do this with your fingers or a sex toy, but be sure to use some lube for increased sensations.

Squeezing the pubococcygeus muscles (the same ones that are squeezed when you pee) can feel good too. This can be a great add-on to masturbation, or it can be done during mutual play.

1. The butterfly position

Changing up your masturbation position can be an amazing way to add excitement and stimulate new areas. It can also help you discover what turns you on and off, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

For example, try placing a pillow or blanket over your vulva and grinding into it with your clitoral hood and labia. This can be shockingly arousing, especially if you add lube and rock back and forth.

You can also try stroking or tapping your clit lightly with your fingers or a vibrator. And don’t forget to use a tentacle dildo for an extra-sensory experience.

2. The supine position

A supine masturbation pose can feel good for many women who identify as having a vulva. This is because it provides easy access to the clitoris and other erogenous zones.

This masturbation position can be done with hands or a sex toy, and you can experiment with different speeds and pressure. Start by massaging around the inner and outer lips of your vulva, then move on to stimulating the clitoris.

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If you like, you can also use a handheld shower head to massage your clitoris and other erogenous areas. This is one of the fastest ways to reach an orgasm.

3. The crouching position

Whether it’s your clitoral hood or your g-spot, this position offers easy access to all those fun areas. Just remember to use a good amount of lube to avoid any friction or irritation.

Experimenting with different masturbation poses is a great way to discover new pleasure zones. It can help you find out which areas of your body really turn you on and make you orgasm, like your nipples or your inner thighs.

And it’s also an opportunity to tap into your voyeuristic and exhibitionist fantasies. Try masturbating on all fours, or straddle a pillow to grind against your vulva and stimulate your labia and clitoris.

4. The kneeling position

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to orgasm. It can be done with your fingers or a sex toy, and it’s great for stimulating the G-spot (here’s how you find it) and the clitoris.

It’s also a good position for anal masturbation if you want to work your way up to penetration. Just make sure you use a lot of lube!

Try using a vibrator or changing up the pace and pressure. Also, remember to always use clean hands. If you want to get creative, consider stroking, caressing, or even flicking the labia for extra pleasure.

5. The sitting position

For a new masturbation experience, try sitting in front of your mirror with lube on hand and slide your hands over different areas of the body, such as the breasts, belly, inner thighs, or vulva. “Pinch, rub, go up and down, side to side—do what turns you on,” says OB-gyn Renee Hilliard.

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Another way to stimulate your clitoris is to use the bathroom faucet (it’s especially effective if you have a detachable shower head): Just sit on the toilet or in a chair and lean your bottom against it.

Remember, there’s no wrong way to masturbate female, but experimentation is key! And don’t forget to prioritize foreplay—that’s a major part of reaching orgasm.

6. The supine position with the hands

Although female masturbation has come a long way in normalizing, it is still not always comfortable for women to engage in. Luckily, it can be made into an intimate experience by incorporating a few special techniques.

For example, it can be very pleasurable to massage erogenous zones, which are areas of the body that can ignite sexual feelings when touched or stimulated. Adding lube to these zones can make the sensation even more intense. Some women enjoy combination masturbation, which involves stimulating the clit and vagina simultaneously. This can be done with the hands or a sex toy, and it’s important to experiment with different methods in order to discover what feels best.

7. The crouching position with the feet

The clitoris and G-spot may be the main targets of masturbation for women, but stimulating other areas that fall into the erogenous zone can also feel pleasurable. These include the ears, inner thighs, stomach, hands, and bottoms of feet.

One technique that can stimulate these areas is crouching with your legs close to each other and sliding your fingers or a sex toy in and out of the vagina. This can lead to an explosive orgasm and can be combined with caresses and kisses.

It is important to find a comfortable position and make sure you are not disturbed during your masturbation session. It might help to put a lock on your bedroom door so that you can focus on yourself and your fantasies without worrying about anyone else burst in.

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8. The supine position with the spoon

While we’re making progress in normalizing female masturbation, it’s still not something most of us talk about. And that’s a shame, because the ways we masturbate can have just as much power as the sex we experience with partners.

One way to reach an orgasm with this technique is to rub the inner thighs gently, which will stimulate nerves that will indirectly engage the clitoris. This is also an excellent opportunity to use lube if you want to.

Other tips to create the right atmosphere for your masturbation session include turning off the TV and lighting candles or dimming the lights. Play music that makes you feel good, and try using a scented body oil or aphrodisiacs to boost the mood.

9. The supine position with the pillow

If you prefer not to use a vibrator or other sex toys, there are many ways to humps on your own with a pillow. You can try a soft model with a fluffy feel for a gentler experience or a harder one that feels more firm.

You can also put a pillow between your legs and rub against it to stimulate the clitoris and your labia. This is an especially good option for sexy masturbation with a partner and can lead to climax.

The important thing is to find a way that feels good for you. Remember that your masturbation journey is a personal one, and your preferences may change over time.

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