The Best Masturbation Positions For Men

Men often stick with standard masturbation positions, but switching things up can create new sensations and elicit different orgasms. Stimulating the nipples, lips, eyes, thighs and even the prostate (nicknamed the male G-spot) can offer mind-blowing pleasure.

A favorite position of many men is to spread their legs, which allows the penis and balls to flop around for added pleasure. Sitting upright on a chair or leaning against a wall can also provide new sensations and views – This information is credited to the website’s author

Lying on your back

There aren’t many masturbation positions that are as easy and classic as lying on your back. It’s the most popular masturbation position for men and allows them to spread their legs and explore their penis and balls in a very pleasurable way. This position is also great for someone who wants to get off slowly and take their time.

Another great thing about this position is that you can prop your back up on pillows or a wall and still have full access to your vulva. This is especially good if you want to use a vibrator or dildo, as it can provide extra clitoral stimulation.

Another interesting variation on this position is using an ottoman to stroking yourself. This is a bit more difficult, but it can give you the sensation of an arch that’s hard to beat. Just make sure that you’re leaning against something solid to keep from tipping over. It can be tough on the back, so don’t do this for too long if you have any problems with your lower back.

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Sitting on your bum

One of the most popular masturbation positions for men is to sit on their bum while stroking. This position allows them to spread their legs, which gives them better access to the penis and balls. It’s also a great position for those who enjoy masturbating to mental fantasies, as closing their eyes can heighten the intensity of the pleasure they feel. This masturbation position is also comfortable, as it takes pressure off the elbows and shoulders. However, it may be difficult to stay upright, especially if your orgasm is intense. If this is the case, you may want to lean against a wall or other surface for support and stability.

Another variation of this masturbation position is to use an ottoman, which is like a backless chair. This technique can be hard on the back, so it’s best to only use it for short periods of time. Using an ottoman can also expose more of your erogenous zones, so you can try rubbing, touching and pinching areas like your nipples, lips, neck, mouth, thighs, and scrotum to experience new sensations.

Lying on your side

Masturbating on the side opens up a lot of pleasure potential. You can stroke and rub all kinds of areas, from your anus to your clitoris. You can use your hands, fingers, sex toys or even nipple clamps in this position. You can also experiment with different positions, such as lying face down or kneeling.

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Another way to experience masturbation on the side is to stretch out and spread your legs. This position is a favorite among men who enjoy masturbating to their mental fantasies. You can even clench your legs to intensify the sensations.

One problem with this position is that it can be difficult to keep your balance if you have trouble with core strength or mobility issues. This problem can also arise if your orgasms are powerful enough to cause you to lose control. To avoid this, try leaning against something solid as you masturbate. This can help you maintain your balance and prevent injury. You can also try using a pillow to support your body. You can even try experimenting with other masturbation positions, such as sitting in a chair.

Lying on your knees

The rocking motion of this masturbation technique will send shockwaves of pleasure throughout your body, from head to toe. Start by lying on the bed or a soft pillow, then slowly spread your knees apart. Once you’re comfortable, begin stroking the area between your legs, then clenching your knees as they move and contracting your pelvic floor muscles.

Another popular masturbation position for men is lying on your back and propping up your feet on an ottoman or couch. This helps stretch the hip flexors and activates the pelvic floor, which can lead to more powerful orgasms.

Some men like to use a vibrator in this position. They start by tucking the vibe between their knees, which creates enough friction to climax. You can also try rubbing your penis against a pillow or the mattress, and some guys prefer to thrust their legs in a manner that imitates intercourse. This position is not suitable for those with mobility issues, but it’s a fun way to change up your routine and enjoy a hands-free experience.

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Lying on a pillow

A lot of people find humping on a pillow one of the most pleasurable masturbation positions. You can grind against the pillow as hard or soft as you like, and it won’t move around. Plus, you can enjoy a heavenly drawn-out orgasm that feels exactly like the kind of orgasm you’d get from a partner.

You can try this position with or without clothes. You can also put a vibrator inside the pillowcase for added pleasure. If you’re wearing panties, you can even spread your labia for a more up-close experience. This position is great for women and people with vulvas, especially those who want to feel the pressure of their penis and balls grinding against the pillow.

Another great thing about this masturbation technique is that it’s super discreet. You can do it in bed, on the couch, or wherever you are. It’s a great way to try out a new vibrating dildo or viberator, and it’s inconspicuous to the untrained eye. Plus, it’s really comfortable. So if you’re ready to start exploring this fun solo masturbation technique, you should definitely give it a go!

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