How Does We-Vibe Work?

We-Vibe is the world’s most popular rechargeable couples vibrator. To use, apply water-based lube and slip the flatter, slightly larger end into your vagina.

The internal arm sits against your clitoris and G-spot for stimulation. The external arm is bendable to comfortably fit most female anatomy.

It’s designed for PIV (penis-in-vagina) sex, although it can also be used during missionary and spooning positions. Discreet public play and solo dual stimulation are bonus uses.

How does it work?

The smaller end cups the top of your vagina while the thicker end sits on thousands of nerve endings at your clitoris. Each body shape is different, so it may take a few tries to find your best fit. But once you do, the Sync is pretty comfortable to wear even during penetration.

The longer arm of the vibe stimulates your partner’s penis and G-spot. Using the app, you can also grant your partner permission to control the vibration modes and intensity level — no matter where they are in the room or even across the globe. The only downside is a bit of a lag time between the app and the vibrator.

It’s designed for PIV sex, so the shorter arm slips into your vagina and the thicker end goes up against your partner’s penis. They can join you in missionary, doggy or spooning position and enjoy your shared pleasure. Just be sure to use plenty of lube so you can move comfortably and avoid any painful surprises!

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You can also wear it solo for a blended orgasm (G-spot and clitoral climax at the same time), but this isn’t really what the Sync is meant for. For this, there are better toys — such as egg vibrators or panty vibes — that are easier to use during penetration and offer stronger dual-stimulation.

How does it feel?

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How does it look?

The We-Vibe Sync looks more like a fashionable gadget than a sex toy. It has a slim design that fits comfortably in the vagina and comes with a discreet charging case to keep it charged between uses. It also comes with a waterproof remote that’s great for using in the bath or shower.

The smaller end of this wearable vibe is designed to slip into the vagina before sex, so that it sits on your clitoris and stimulates thousands of nerve endings. It can be used solo for a blended orgasm (G-spot and clitoral climax at the same time), or with a partner for penis-in-vagina sex, missionary position, spooning, and more.

This vibe can slide out of the vagina if you’re using it with vigorous activity, so I recommend that you only use it for light sex or arousal. Otherwise, it can ruin the mood if it falls out just as you reach your peak. If you have a partner to use it with, then make sure that they’re comfortable with it and have plenty of water-based lube to hand. They’ll also need to have access to your Long Distance partners list in the app to control the vibe remotely.

What are the options?

A nice touch is that the app allows you to allow a partner to control the vibe remotely—even from across the room or even the other side of the globe. It takes a little bit of navigating to get your partner added to the list (there’s a small amount of lag between hopping online and actually getting the vibration mode requested), but once you do, it’s pretty sweet.

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As a couple’s vibe, the Sync has a few unique features that make it stand out from other couples vibrators we’ve tested. First, it’s designed for PIV sex with the shorter arm that slips inside positioned over your clitoral ridge and the internal arm over your G-spot. It also has two adjustable points to bend the slender body to fit your female anatomy. However, it can be a little tricky to find that perfect position and may take a few tries.

You can use it solo for a blended orgasm but you’ll need plenty of water-based lube since the toy sits in the vagina and will rub against the outside. You can also wear it while doing missionary sex, doggy style sex, or spooning with your partner to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. Just be careful not to drop it during more vigorous activity—nothing ruins a vibe like having it fall out in the middle of an orgasm!

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