Do Ultra Thin Condoms Break Easily?

Generally, ultra thin condoms don’t break as easily as standard ones. As long as they’re wiped clean, stored correctly, and lubricated with plenty of store-bought or natural lube before use, they should stay intact.

TROJAN Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms are thinner than standard Trojan latex condoms designed for a more natural feeling. They’re hygienic, easy to use and tested to help protect against unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

1. They’re made of latex or polyisoprene

There are lots of options for ultra thin condoms with a barely there feel. These include ribbing and studding, as well as different materials, including latex and polyisoprene (which is safer for people with latex allergies). They’re all designed for maximum pleasure and have been approved by the FDA to protect against pregnancy and STIs.

Whether or not they actually feel better than thicker condoms depends on the person, and it can also depend on the context of intercourse. Generally, though, thinner condoms do allow more heat and sensation to pass through and can be easier to forget about or ignore.

Some of the best-feeling ultra thin condoms are those from Unique. They’re a little more expensive than other brands, but they’re super-thin and even softer than the Lelo Hex, making them almost like nothing at all. They’re also lubricated with smooth and silky-feeling lube, so both partners will enjoy them. They’re also made of non-latex polyisoprene, so they’re a great option for latex allergies. And, of course, they’re as effective at preventing pregnancy and STIs as standard condoms.

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2. They’re lubricated

As with all condoms, it’s always a good idea to pair them with plenty of lubrication for extra comfort and protection. That said, you shouldn’t use oil-based lubes on latex (like Vaseline) or on polyisoprene condoms because the oils can weaken them and cause breakage. Instead, opt for silicone or water-based lubricant.

Most brands have been working hard on making their condoms thinner and thinner, aiming for that ‘barely there’ feel. It’s been reported that some ultra thin condoms even go beneath the 0.04 millimeter mark, with a couple of brands parading their ultra-thin condoms as being the thinnest in the world.

It’s not really that surprising to see rumors and worries about how thin condoms are at risk of breaking, but it’s worth remembering that they’re still at least triple-tested for reliability. They’re able to withstand way more pressure, volume, and stretchiness than they will ever get in normal use – although it is possible that they might break if they’re not stored properly or aren’t used for safe sex, as well as if you’re switching positions or getting super vigorous.

3. They’re in the right place

A classic teen movie trope sees our (jock/goth/raver) hero refusing to don a condom because he ‘doesn’t like the way it feels. While this is a valid excuse for some, it’s not a good reason to avoid condoms altogether.

With the right lubrication and proper use, condoms are 98% effective. And there are a lot of options out there. From next level thin condoms to standard latex ones, manufacturers are constantly coming up with new versions of their products to increase pleasure and make sex last longer.

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Whether you go for a super thin version of a favourite like Crown Skinless Skin or a more experimental option like the Magnum Bareskin, the important thing is that it fits right, you put it on properly (including the tip), and you’re using it at the right time. And it’s always best to store your condoms somewhere safe and cool and not near sharp objects. Condoms aren’t any more likely to break than other types of sex gear, and they undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are durable enough to do their job.

4. They’re not too tight

As long as you’re using them properly (that means putting them on correctly and lubricating them, remember) and they’re in their expiry date, it’s unlikely that your teeth will cause them to break. If they’re breaking during oral sex, it may be that you’re applying too much pressure. If that’s the case, try applying less lubricant and making sure to use a condom designed for oral sex.

Condom thickness is a personal thing that depends on what you and your partner like. Thinner condoms tend to feel more natural and offer a softer, closer feeling. Some brands, such as Unique and Trojan BareSkin Raw, even feel almost like nothing is there at all.

But if you’re looking for extra sensitivity, consider trying a ribbed or textured condom. These are shaped with the penis in mind and can be easier to put on. They’re also a good choice for people with issues with premature ejaculation, though they won’t provide the same protection as standard condoms.

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5. They’re not too loose

Just like any condom, thin ones are at risk of breaking if they’re pushed too hard, are too tight or have too little lubrication. But they’re not more likely to break than any other type if you follow all the general rules for using condoms, including storing them properly and making sure to change them regularly.

It’s also important to note that latex condoms are less likely to break if they’re in good condition. They’re usually fine when you store them at home, but they can get damaged in your bag or wallet, where things like keys and coins might poke through the foil. If your condoms are getting damaged often, they’re probably past their expiry date, which is another reason to make sure you keep them stocked up.

So, do thin condoms feel better? That depends on who’s wearing them, of course, and individual sexual experiences vary. But generally speaking, thinner condoms provide more sensation than thicker ones, which can be a good thing for some people. Plus, they can help make sex last longer and reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs.

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