Why Do Women Like to Be Chocked During Sex?

Many women enjoy choking during sex because it’s a power play. However, there are also some women who don’t like it. They may be afraid of being choked, or they may not feel pleasure from it.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to discuss boundaries with your partner before engaging in this kink. It’s also important to know how to do it safely.

It’s a fetish

Women love to be choked during sex because it conveys to them that they are being dominated by their partner and that turns them on. This is also what drove the success of ’50 Shades of Grey’. It’s also why so many people, including Men’s Health, continue to spread the myth that ‘most girls want it’. However, choking is an act of violence that can be dangerous and has led to the deaths of many women. If you choke a woman without her consent, it can be considered sexual assault and will land you in legal hot water.

While most of the women in the study described choking as being an attractive fetish, only 13 of them had choked their male partners during sex. The rest reported never having choked a man partner due to various reasons, including not wanting to inflict pain, not feeling able to do so because of their own perceived lack of dominance, or not wanting to take the risk of causing harm to their partner.

When you choke a woman, it’s important to start very softly and increase the pressure gradually. Don’t restrict her air or blood flow, which can be disastrous. It’s also best to avoid putting too much pressure in one spot, as this can cause her to hyperventilate and faint, which is not a good thing for either of you.

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It’s a power play

Some women like choking because it makes them feel powerful, but they also enjoy feeling dominated. This can lead to arousal and sexual stimulation. Choking also deprives a woman of oxygen, which can be an orgasm in and of itself. If done right, it can be a very satisfying kink. However, it is important to remember that choking is a power play and not violence. The same thing goes for breath play in general.

While most of the participants in this study described enjoying choking, only 13 reported ever choking their partners. Those who choked their partners typically used one hand to do so and started with a light amount of pressure. They also varied their intensity based on their partner’s response. They also varied the style of choking, such as playful, dominant or pretend scary.

Before engaging in any kink, it’s important to discuss your preferences with your partner. This will help you understand what they want and what they don’t, so that you can avoid any potential injuries. If you’re interested in choking, it is best to take classes and learn the anatomy of the neck. This will prevent you from accidentally restricting the flow of air or blood to a person’s brain, which can cause unconsciousness in 3-5 seconds. This could be disastrous, especially if it happens during sex.

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It’s a kink

Choking a woman during sex can be very kinky. It creates a feeling of dominance and aggression, which can be extremely sexually stimulating for some women. It can also be dangerous if it is done incorrectly, and a beginner should never try to choke someone without learning how to do it properly.

The biggest reason why women like to be choked is that it makes them feel dominated in bed. The best way to convey that is by grabbing her throat, which forces her to clench her teeth and tighten her muscles. This can lead to out-of-body orgasms, which are even more intense than normal orgasms. Another way to create the feeling of kink is by pushing on the neck and putting pressure around the Adam’s apple area, which feels very good to women.

Many women have reported that they felt uncomfortable at first when being choked, but then found it pleasurable later on. Some of these women went on to engage in choking with other partners, while others found that it was only pleasurable when they were in established relationships and had clear communication with their partner about what was wanted.

However, women who like to be choked need to remember that choking is still assault. It’s important to have an agreed-upon safe word or safety gesture, such as blinking, in order to stop choking if necessary. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you are with a trusted partner who knows how to choke safely.

It’s a sexual stimulant

Women love the feeling of being choked during sex, and this is one of the fastest-growing kinks. It’s not for everyone, but it can be extremely exciting for those who enjoy it. If you’re thinking about trying it, be sure to start very softly and only apply a small amount of pressure. This will ensure that your partner’s pleasure is the most important thing.

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The throat is a very sensitive area, and many women find it particularly pleasurable to be choked. This sensation is also a sign of dominance, which turns many women on. As a result, choking can lead to powerful orgasms.

While choking can be a sexual stimulant, it’s essential to make sure that you have your partner’s full consent before beginning this practice. Many participants reported that their first experiences with choking were either non-consensual or occurred without their partner asking for it explicitly. Some of these women described the experience as shocking, aggressive, or scary, but a few noted that they ultimately enjoyed it.

It’s crucial to remember that choking can be dangerous. Especially for beginners, it can be easy to overdo it and cut off the victim’s oxygen supply, which can cause unconsciousness within seconds. It’s important to start very gently and increase the pressure gradually as you feel comfortable with it. Then, you can move on to the more exciting and arousing parts of the experience.

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