How to Lose Fat Above the Penis

A lot of men suffer from fat in the area above their penis. This can cause problems with intimacy and can even be a turn off for sexual partners.

There are many ways to reduce the amount of fat in this area. One way is to use supplements that help burn fat. Another way is to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.


Often, when men are over-weight they can develop excess fat in the groin area. This can make the penis look buried under the fatty tissue and can be embarrassing or uncomfortable for some men. It can also be a factor in the development of erectile dysfunction. The best way to lose the fat above the penis is to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest contributors to excessive body fat and can be reversed by increasing exercise and eating a nutritious diet of lean protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Incorporating cardiovascular exercises into a workout routine is an effective method of losing weight overall, and it can help to reduce the amount of fat around the penis as well. Exercises such as running, swimming, cycling and jumping rope are all great options for cardiovascular exercise that burn calories and can help to reduce fat in the groin.

A good general rule of thumb is that a person can expect to lose about 1 inch of penis length for every 30-50 pounds of weight they lose overall. It is important to focus on healthy, gradual weight loss to achieve the best results. The key is to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol.

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The fat pad above the penis is one of the first places that people gain weight, and it’s also one of the last areas to lose body fat. This makes many men feel self-conscious about their groin and can cause discomfort during sex.

A healthy diet and regular exercise can help you lose weight, which will make your penis and the surrounding muscles look fuller. A personal trainer or dietitian can help you develop a plan that will work for your specific goals and health needs.

Cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling, and swimming can burn calories in the groin area and help reduce penile fat. In addition, doing exercises that strengthen your abdominal, glute, and hamstring muscles can also improve the appearance of your penis.

Finally, performing Kegel exercises can strengthen the muscles in your pelvic area and help to improve blood flow to the penis. These exercises, which involve contracting and holding the muscle used to stop urine flow for a few seconds, can be done several times a day.

While you can’t spot reduce fat in the groin area, losing overall body weight through cardiovascular exercise, strength training, targeted core exercises, and eating a nutritious diet can help you achieve the results you desire. However, it’s important to be patient and remember that changing your body takes time.

Topical Treatments

For many men, excess fat around the penis can be a source of self-consciousness and embarrassment. While the best way to lose body fat in general is through a healthy diet and regular exercise, non-surgical procedures can help reduce penile fat in specific areas. While fat removal treatments will not make your dick bigger in terms of girth or length, they can improve your appearance and boost confidence in the bedroom. It is important to consult a doctor before choosing any treatment option.

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In some cases, the genital area can become so fatty that the penis appears to be “buried” in the supra pubic pad of fat. This condition is called hidden penis syndrome and can be caused by substantial weight gain, genetics or a number of medical conditions. These include the painful skin condition hidradenitis suppurativa, which causes abscesses and scarring that can obscure or “bury” the penis. Additionally, a disorder of the lymphatic system called penoscrotal lymphedema can cause fluid retention and tissue swelling that can hide the penis.

While some men may be born with a small penis, buried penis syndrome is most often the result of substantial weight gain or obesity. This underlying fat can also contribute to a variety of medical issues, including urinary tract infections and problems achieving an erection. For men who suffer from buried penis syndrome, non-surgical solutions can be used to remove unwanted supra pubic fat and make the penis appear more prominent.


Excess fat in the genital area is uncomfortable and embarrassing for many men, and it can also cause problems with sexual function. There are several ways to lose this unwanted body fat, including eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and using topical treatments. However, if these methods do not produce the desired results, liposuction may be an option.

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Liposuction is an advanced nonsurgical procedure that uses precise radiofrequency thermal energy to reduce excess fat in the genital area. The procedure can be performed from a single access point in the abdomen or supra pubic region and is usually done under local or spinal anesthesia. The results of this procedure are very long-lasting, but it is important to continue with an exercise and diet program to maintain the result.

In addition to improving a man’s self-confidence, losing penile fat can also improve erectile performance by increasing blood flow to the area. Achieving a healthier weight can also help reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases.

One of the most common causes of excess fat in the genital area is a sedentary lifestyle. This is because when you are not engaging in regular physical activity, your body does not burn as many calories. Incorporating cardio exercises into your routine can help to reduce this unwanted fat, as well as helping to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic area.

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