How to Use the Njoy Wand

A little bit of lube makes the njoy wand easier to maneuver. It is best used while reclining and experimenting with different pressures and motions.

The njoy wand is notorious for providing intense clitoral and G-spot stimulation. It is curved and weighty, making it perfect for pushing in and out, up and down, to sensually stimulate the G-spot.


The njoy wand is a luxurious vibrator that can be used for both vaginal and anal stimulation. It is made from medical grade stainless steel and is non-porous, making it easy to clean. It also has a unique curved shape that is perfect for G-spot and prostate stimulation. This sex toy is also rechargeable, so it can be used for prolonged periods of time. It can be charged via USB, or it can be plugged into the Wand’s magnetic charging dock.

The Njoy Pure Wand is an open-ended sex toy that features two weighted bulbs on either end of the curved shaft. The smaller bulb is a comfortable 1-inch/25-mm in diameter, while the larger bulb is 1.5 inches/38 mm in diameter. It is recommended to use a lot of lubricant when playing with this toy.

Once you have a good amount of lubricant on your hands, place the wand over your anus and push in slowly until you reach the middle of the shaft. Make sure to press gently, and be careful not to hurt yourself – This fragment is the outcome of the service authors’ research This can take a while, but the Njoy wand will reward you with intense orgasms.

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For the climax, use the larger end of the toy. This will help to stimulate the clit and bring you closer to the climax. The njoy wand’s heftiness and curved design will do the rest of the work.


The Njoy Pure Wand is a popular sex toy that offers G and P-spot stimulation. Its curved design makes it easy to insert, and its weighty build gives it a luxurious feel. It is also non-vibrating, allowing users to focus on the sensations created by the toy and their own body.

To make the most of this wand, there are several manipulation techniques that can enhance pleasure. One simple option is to lube up the wand and your anus, then gently rock it back and forth. This provides a gentle but orgasmic sensation, and can be used alone or with a partner.

Another technique is to use the wand in a side-rotation position, which allows you to spin it on the anus for extra stimulation. You can also experiment with different angles to find what feels best for you.

Finally, if you want to try a more dynamic experience, you can elevate your approach with the Elevated Method. This involves placing two thick pillows under your buttocks, lifting your pelvis a few inches off the bed. This helps you reach and maneuver the wand easily, and the movement will add to pleasure.

You can also wiggle the wand around in your anus and other erogenous zones to explore new sensations. Just be sure to use a lot of lube, and don’t push too hard or you might hurt yourself.

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The njoy Pure Wand is made from the highest quality medical grade stainless steel, and it promises spine-tingling G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation. Its simple design consists of one smooth curve and weighted bulbs on both ends. This makes it easy to clean although you will want to be careful with it as dropping it could break your sink or foot! Just use soap and water or for a deeper cleaning you can submerge it in boiling water or a mild 10% bleach solution. After a good clean it should be dried gently with a cloth and returned to its classy padded box for storage.

It is recommended to always use a good quality lubricant with this toy, especially during G-spot stimulation. The curved shape of the wand is designed to fit the anatomy, and the large bulbs on each end are perfectly positioned for stimulating the G-spot. This can be done by thrusting or rocking the wand. The toy can also be used anally with the wand being inserted into the anus, or clitoral stimulation can be achieved by inserting it into the clitoris.

Many users have reported that the njoy Pure Wand induces intense orgasms, including for first-time G-spot orgasms. Some women have also experienced squirting with the wand but this will vary and depends on individual anatomy and arousal levels.


A non-vibrating dildo made out of medical grade stainless steel, the Njoy Pure Wand has the coveted reputation of being one of the best g-spot and p-spot toys around. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced player, this slender wand can bring jaw-dropping orgasms with ease.

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Its unique curved design is expertly crafted to perfectly fit your anatomy, with each bulb lining up precisely with the spot where it feels most intense. Many users have reported that they even squirted for the first time with this toy!

This wand is also great for clitoral stimulation. Just place it against your clitoris and apply pressure, moving the toy up and down or in circles to build your desired sensation. It’s easy to adjust the intensity, but requires a little technique and a turned-on mind.

When paired with silicone or water-based lube, this toy glides inside with minimal friction and gives a smooth glide sensation that can be prolonged for hours of pleasure. To enjoy it at its full potential, apply a generous amount of lube to the curved tip and insert about 1 “ – 2” for G-spot stimulation or slightly less inward for P-spot stimulation. Alternatively, you can rock it in short strokes for an added sensation that will blow you away! If you’re new to self-pleasuring, make sure you give this sex toy a chance to warm up by pushing it in with your fingertips for a few minutes before you begin.

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