The Best Angle For Dick Pics

A dick pic has a bad rap, but it can be totally seductive when done right. And that includes the composition and lighting.

You wouldn’t want to send your recipient a photo of your member reflected in ruffled sheets or resting on the kitchen counter, for example (sadly, true stories). That’s why it’s important to think about the best angle for your dick pics.

Point of View

The angle is everything when it comes to dick pics, and you have a lot of options. The most important thing is to make sure you’re not showing off your whole penis, so a shot from above or below works best. This doesn’t give her a complete view of your member, so she has to imagine it, which is more fun and exciting for her. You also want to avoid super-close ups, as they decontextualize your cock.

Lastly, you want to make sure you’re not showing off any part of your face in the picture. That’s because it could give off a creepy vibe, which is never good in a sexting situation. Plus, she might show her friends the pic and you don’t want them to turn against you for it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should only be taking dick pictures when the woman specifically asks for them. It’s rude to send a dick pic without their consent, and they may get the impression that you’re a creeper.

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Low Angle

When it comes to dick pics, there are certain angles that will work better than others. The Straight On angle, for example, can look unattractive if you’re not careful. This is because the photo will foreshorten your cock, making it look smaller than it really is.

One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to use a prop. If you’re able to place a vase or some other object in the frame, it will add height to the shot and make it look much more appealing. It’s also important to consider the lighting in your shot. Too little will cause the dick to look dark and grainy, while too much will result in orange coloring. Using natural light is the safest choice, but you can also try using a lightbox.

Another thing to keep in mind when taking a dick pic is that it should highlight your cock’s unique features. If it’s curved, for example, a profile shot might be a good way to show that off. Similarly, if your dick has a nice texture or veining, try to find an angle that highlights those things as well.

Lastly, don’t forget that the point of a dick pic is to turn her on. Whether you’re sending it to a girl you like or posting it to Reddit, the goal is to get her excited about your penis. That means that you need to take the time and effort necessary to create a picture that will do its job.

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Side Profile

When it comes to dick pics, there is no one-size-fits-all angle. The key is to experiment with different angles until you find the one that flatters your penis and makes it look oh-so-good.

For example, if you have a long cock, consider taking a side profile shot to showcase its length. This is a good way to make it look even bigger and more tempting for her to grab hold of when she’s ready to get down and dirty.

Another important factor in a great dick pic is the background. Avoid photos with a messy bathroom, dirty dishes, or anything else that might make it appear unappetizing. Instead, try using natural light from a window or lamp to highlight your cock and give it a flattering glow.

Lastly, be sure to ask for her consent before sending her a dick pic. Not only is unsolicited nudes a major turn-off, but it can also be considered sexual harassment in some jurisdictions. If you don’t have her permission, she might be able to block your number or report you to authorities.

If you follow the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to creating an eye-catching dick pic that will make her salivate and fantasize about you all day. Just be careful not to send too many dick pics, or she might lose interest before you can really start building her anticipation and desire for you.


A good cock pic should show off more than just your penis, though. It should also convey your personality and your horniness. A picture of a dick from the side or the top can do that well. Just make sure that the rest of your body isn’t obscuring the view. For example, if you are taking a selfie in the bathroom, don’t show your dirty towels or the toilet seat. That’s a turn-off for most women.

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Another important consideration is the background. It should be clean and uncluttered. No one wants to see a photo of your dick next to a pile of dirty laundry or a pizza box. The only exception to this rule is if you are lying down in the bathroom and the dick pic is part of a nude shoot.

While there’s no perfect angle for a dick pic, it’s definitely worth trying different angles and perspectives until you find one that looks just right. Just remember to ask the person you’re sending it to if they’re cool with it first. Otherwise, they’ll feel like they’re getting ambushed with a picture of their dick from your phone. And that’s no way to build a relationship. Not to mention, it’s a lot more humiliating than simply asking them if they want to see it.

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