How to Turn Your Wife on

Getting your wife in the mood can be a challenge. It takes time and effort.

Fortunately, there are many ways to turn her on. You can start by giving her a surprise. This could be anything from a sensual gift to a massage. Flirting with her or talking about sexy things can also help.

1. Give her a surprise

There are many things that you can do to surprise your wife and get her in the mood for sex. One of the best ways is to take her out on a romantic date and make her feel special. Another way is to use intimate foreplay, like kissing and touching, to build up arousal.

Try out different foreplay techniques to see which ones work the best for her. For example, if she loves music, play her favorite song to get her in the mood. You can also try giving her a massage or trying out new positions that will get her excited about sex.

Another great way to turn her on is to talk about her naughty fantasies. This will wake up her sex drive and make her more sexually attractive. You can even take this a step further by doing role plays with her.

Many women struggle to find their sex drive after having children. In addition, they may have health issues that affect their sex drive. It is important to consider these issues and find ways to help your wife regain her sex drive.

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2. Make her feel special

Women often feel that sex is something that must be earned. This is especially true if they’re not feeling arousal as much as they used to.

Taking steps to make her feel special can help jumpstart that feeling of arousal. This can include kissing her in a way that shows your emotional connection to her and complimenting her in the ways she loves the most. It can also mean sending her sexy texts, flirting with her, or giving her a sensual massage.

Foreplay is another key ingredient to getting her in the mood. Throughout the day, cuddle and massage her body, and familiarize yourself with all her erogenous zones by slowly touching them. Kissing her and engaging in dirty talk is also a great way to start.

Finally, try to make sure she has a calm and quiet place to be when you seduce her. She will appreciate this and may be more willing to move into sexual activity. Sending the kids to a friends house or having them stay at a grandparents’ can be a perfect setting for this.

3. Take her out

Physical intimacy is an important part of any relationship, but it is especially crucial for married couples. It strengthens the bond between you and keeps your love burning, which can make both of you more sexually aroused. There are many ways to increase your intimate time, from simple to elaborate. You can even try roleplaying, but don’t come on too strong; it should be playful and flirty, not overly seductive.

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One of the best things you can do to turn your wife on is to give her a lot of attention outside the bedroom. Flirt with her throughout the day, and send her little messages that show her how much you like her. You can also buy her a new piece of lingerie or some sensual candles for the bedroom.

If your wife seems reluctant to become intimate with you, it might be because she has a low libido. If so, it is your responsibility to find out why she isn’t interested and fix the problem. This can be a difficult task, but it is possible to rekindle her passion for you.

4. Give her a massage

A great way to turn your wife on is to give her a sensual massage. This will not only make her feel loved but also give her arousal a boost as well. Just make sure to use lubrication, and dim the lights to create a more intimate mood. Try to touch her neck, wrists and thigh, and whisper sexy words into her ear to intensify the effect.

Other ways to make her horny include using her favorite scented lotions, playing sexy music in the background, and flirting with her in public. Just be careful not to overdo it or she may get turned off instead. Also, be sure to send the kids to a friend’s house so that you can focus on her. Finally, if you have any sex toys in the bedroom, take advantage of them by using them during foreplay or even during sex to leave her wanting more. If you can’t use a vibrator, then simply massage her G-spot with your pointer finger (palm up). This will stimulate more nerve endings than just touching so she’ll be extra horny.

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5. Make her feel loved

A wife’s libido is affected by many factors. Some are physical, like her birth control pill or if she suffers from pain during sex. Others are hormonal, such as during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or menstruation. Still, other reasons could be psychological. She may feel insecure or compare her body to other women, especially after having children. This can lead to a decrease in her libido and sexual appetite.

If you find out that your wife is experiencing low libido, make sure to talk to her about it. It can be scary to bring up this topic, but it’s crucial for a healthy marriage. You may also need to address any underlying issues, such as low self-esteem or negative sexual experiences in the past.

Try to show her affection and attention throughout the day. For example, send her cute and innocuous texts that gradually evolve into something sexier, such as “Can’t wait for tonight”, or “You’ll look so hot in those lace undies”. You can also try to turn her on by giving her a lingering massage or kiss.

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