How to Increase a Man’s Libido Without Him Knowing

Many factors can lead to low libido, including stress, certain medications and lack of physical intimacy. Taking steps to address these issues can help.

It’s also important to remember that low libido is normal and can happen at any age – This section was conveyed by the website Fortunately, there are a variety of foods, supplements and lifestyle changes that can increase your sex drive.

1. Be a great listener

One of the biggest mistakes couples can make when dealing with low libido is taking it personally. If he’s not in the mood to be intimate, it may have nothing to do with you or your relationship. Instead, try to get to the root of the problem – which can be anything from work stress to hormonal fluctuations to general health concerns.

Men may also be dealing with anxiety, which can significantly reduce sex drive and intimacy. This can be a result of past trauma, societal pressures to perform at a high level and even genetics.

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Fortunately, there are several ways to manage anxiety and increase sex drive naturally. A healthy diet, limiting alcohol and drugs, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly are all great places to start. Many times, simply reducing stress levels and managing anxiety can make all the difference in increasing libido.

2. Be a good friend

There are many things that can affect a person’s libido, including diet, supplements and health conditions. A lull in sexual desire can also be caused by emotional stress and anxiety. Managing anxiety through therapy, medication or natural modalities can increase a person’s libido and improve sexual satisfaction.

Some people have a lower libido as they age. It can also be a side effect of some medications or medical conditions. It’s important to talk to your doctor about any changes in libido and make sure there aren’t any underlying issues.

Oftentimes, couples have different sexual desires. This is normal, and it can be beneficial to work out a compromise that works for both parties. Some ways to do this may include discussing sexual fantasies, watching pornography together or even role playing. Having open and honest communication in the bedroom can increase a couple’s intimacy while helping to resolve issues of low libido.

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3. Be a good cook

A man’s libido can decrease for many reasons, including age, illness and even depression. If you notice your husband’s libido is not what it was in the past, don’t take it personally. It doesn’t mean that he has someone else on the side or that you aren’t enough for him. It simply means that he is struggling with this particular challenge, and it’s something that you should work on together.

Start by complimenting him and telling him how much you love and appreciate him. This will make him feel good and may boost his libido. You can also try flirting with him, but be careful not to go overboard. It might embarrass him or make him uncomfortable. Instead, use subtle looks and actions to let him know that you are interested in him.

4. Be a good dancer

A man’s libido may decrease with age, and he can also lose interest in sex for reasons other than his sexual drive. A change in libido could be caused by stress, illness or even an undiagnosed medical condition.

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If your husband seems to have lost his mojo, it’s important not to take it personally. His libido probably isn’t because of you, and it doesn’t mean that your marriage is doomed.

Instead, focus on communicating with your husband and helping him find ways to get arouse again. Try giving him lots of simple, loving compliments and engaging in non-demand touch, such as cuddling, stroking or massage. Using touch can increase serotonin and lead to arousal, and it also helps connect the mind and body. It also can help him feel more comfortable in the bedroom and less self-conscious about his moves. The more relaxed he feels, the better he’ll be on the dance floor.

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