How Do Women Like Their Ass Licked?

The anal area is one of the most powerful erogenous zones on the body and it can feel amazingly good to have your ass licked. Ass licking can also be combined with other oral sex techniques like rimming or salad tossing for even more pleasure!

It’s important to remember that anal licking can be dangerous, so it should only be done with consent. It’s also best to use lube.

Pleasure for the giver

There are many sexual pleasures that come from licking an anus, and for men especially, it’s very sensual. They have a lot of nerve endings in that area, and stimulating it with the tongue gives them a ton of pleasure. For some people, ass licking is even more pleasurable than oral sex.

Ass licking is an intense experience for both giver and receiver, so it’s important to talk about it beforehand and get consent. It can also be dangerous for the person being licked, because it exposes them to a laundry list of potential health risks like STDs. This is why it’s so important to use a barrier between the mouth and anus, such as a Sheer Glyde dam or plastic wrap.

Foreplay for ass licking is key, and it can include kissing, stroking, and kneading the cheeks of the butt. You can even lick the vulva for a bit before zeroing in on the anus. Use the tongue to make shapes and experiment with different angles and stiffness. You can even lick the anus itself, but it’s best to avoid touching the prostate.

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Arousal for the receiver

Whether it’s called a rim job, analingus, tossing salad, or eating booty, having your partner’s ass licked can feel explosively good. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to make a woman cum. Just remember to use a lot of anal lube, and don’t go too far down their anus. It’s possible to get STIs down there from feces!

Dirty talk is also a great way to turn on your partner during this act. This is because it can supercharge sexual polarity and activate their imagination. It can also make them horny enough to take things even further.

If you want to really make your partner’s ass licking experience MIND-BLOWING, try introducing a vibrator. People of all genders love vibrations, and using a vibrator on the anus will make it feel heavenly. Similarly, you can also use a vibrator on the penis or the perineum to make your partner’s ass licking experience even more mind-blowing. In addition to this, you can add butt toys for extra stimulation and pleasure! Just don’t forget to lick the space around the anus.

Breaking a taboo

Rimming, eating ass, or motorbutting, whatever you want to call it, is one of the kinkiest and most exciting sexual practices around. It can be as arousing for the giver as it is for the receiver, and it can lead to other kinky anal acts such as anal fingering and anal penetration. But, before you take the plunge, make sure to consult with your partner about their feelings and concerns.

While licking an asshole can feel pretty darn good, it’s important to be careful and use proper hygiene. As with any sexual act, you should always wash your hands afterward to prevent STIs and bacterial infections. Using lube and taking your time are also important, as the longer you spend in contact with her asshole, the more pleasure both of you will experience.

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If you want to take your ass-licking game up a notch, try giving her a lube-infused massage while you’re at it. This will get her squirting and ready to be licked, as well as increase the orgasmic potential of the experience.

Foreplay activity

Licking your partner’s ass can be a sensual foreplay activity that feels UNBELIEVABLY good. This can be done in many different ways, including licking their butt cheeks and anal area. You can even play with their genitals, such as by running your teeth through them. This can feel incredible, especially if you’re doing it with your mouth closed!

Foreplay is a vital part of any sex life. It can be anything that gets you and your partner turned on before sex, from kissing to massage to oral sex. It doesn’t have to lead to penetration, but it does help to get you in the mood.

You can also try licking your partner’s asshole and other anal areas in the rim job position. This can be a great way to turn on your partner’s anal muscles and make them crave more. It also makes a great base for more intense play, such as tonguing. You can even use your tongue to make a seal over their anus, which will be incredibly arousing. It may be tempting to go crazy with your fingers and lick every inch of their asshole, but you should always keep your safety in mind.

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Getting turned-on

Rimming, licking ass, rim job, salad tossing – whatever you call it, eating your partner’s anus is one of the most intimate sexual techniques you can do. It’s also a great stepping stone to other kinky anal activities like fingering and anal penetration.

Start by getting your partner into a doggy style position on the bed or floor. This gives you better access to their dark hole than any other sexual position. Use plenty of lube and begin to lick, tongue and rub their anus. Keep moaning and making sounds (not creepy ones!) as these create vibrations and can turn them on even more.

Don’t forget to stroke, lick and tease their nipples while you’re at it. Their nipples are extremely sensitive erogenous zones that can get your partner crazy-horny. You can use dental dams if you have them, which are square plastic sheets designed to create a barrier between your tongue and your partner’s body. Alternatively, you can use non-lubricated condoms cut into squares for this purpose. Just be sure to wash them well before you use them!

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