What Sexual Position to Conceive a Girl?

There’s no scientific proof that you can determine your baby’s sex at conception. But some experts do believe that the position you have sex in may influence your chances of having a girl.

One theory is the Shettles Method, which suggests that female sperm have slower swimming speeds and weaker body strength than male sperm. So positions that allow for shallow penetration, like straddling or rear entry (doggy style), may give female sperm a better chance of reaching the egg.


Generally, there’s no scientific evidence that any sexual positions or methods increase the chances of having a baby girl or boy. However, Shettles’ suggestion is based on the idea that deep penetration (like doggy style or spooning) will cause the male sperm to race each other faster toward the egg, which may favor boys. He also suggests avoiding deep penetration and going for shallow penetration such as side-by-side or missionary sex, which he says will cause the female sperm to “sink” further into the acidic vaginal fluid, putting them in a better position to reach the egg first.

Other tips to boost a woman’s chances of conceiving a girl include eating a healthy diet and tracking ovulation with an app like Flo. The closer to ovulation, the more acidic the cervical mucus becomes, which supports slow-moving Y sperm over speedy X sperm. Some experts suggest taking longer foreplay and elevating your hips on a pillow before ejaculation to give the sperm more time in the body—although it doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on success rates.

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There isn’t a lot of scientific evidence that certain positions can help couples conceive a girl. But many parents swear by them. So, even if there’s no proof, why not give them a shot?

While the straddle technique is often purported to boost chances of a baby girl, this position actually works best for couples who want to have a boy. That’s because the woman is on top, so she can control the depth of penetration and ensure her partner doesn’t ejaculate too close to her cervix. That would make it harder for the faster male sperm to reach and fertilize her egg.

Both missionary and face-to-face sex are considered girl-friendly, because they allow for shallow penetration. That means sperm will have to travel farther in the acidic environment of the vagina, and that gives female sperm a better chance of getting there first. So, in addition to sticking to a fertile schedule and avoiding caffeine and alcohol, you can try these sex positions to give your chances of conceiving a girl a shot.


There isn’t any scientific proof that certain sex positions will increase your chances of getting pregnant with a girl. However, there are a few things you can try. One is using a fertility-friendly lubricant. Apparently, some types of lubricant can slow down the movement of sperm.

Another is to try sex positions that allow for shallow penetration. If you’re on top, you can control how deep your partner goes. This will give female sperm more of a chance to reach the egg before male sperm do.

The Shettles Method, a theory first proposed by Dr Landrum Shettles in the 1960s, claims that there are differences in size and strength between sperm that produce boys (y-chromosome linked) and those that produce girls (x-chromosome linked). According to the Shettles Method, if you want a girl, you should have sex earlier in your menstrual cycle and have sex closer to ovulation. The Shettles Method also recommends certain sex positions, like rear entry, that are supposed to reduce the speed advantage of male sperm and increase the chance that female sperm will survive to reach the egg.

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Although there is no proof that sex positions can help you have a girl, some couples swear by the Shettles Method, which details when and how to have sex to increase your chances of conceiving a girl. It also recommends avoiding an orgasm, which can create a hostile environment for the sperm, preventing them from reaching and fertilizing the egg.

In the Shettles Method, a woman lies on her back and has her legs placed on top of her partner’s shoulders, with penetration entering from behind. As with Missionary, this position allows for shallow penetration.

It’s important to remember that there’s no guarantee that any sexual position will increase your chances of pregnancy. Ultimately, the best way to boost your fertility is to practice good hygiene and have regular sex. Using an ovulation calendar or period tracker like Flo can help you pinpoint your fertile window and optimize your schedule to ensure you’re having sex when it matters most. And don’t forget to hydrate! A recent study found that drinking water can increase your fertility.

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While the Cat Sexual Position is often associated with heterosexual couples, it can also be enjoyed by same-sex couples and individuals of any gender. It offers easy access to erogenous zones, and increases intimacy and emotional connection between partners. Moreover, it can help prevent boredom and routine in the bedroom. It’s important to remember that the goal of any sexual experience is mutual pleasure and orgasms for both partners. If either partner feels uncomfortable or wants to stop, they should communicate that with their partner and adjust accordingly.

Many methods of gender selection, such as the Shettles Method, claim that positioning during sex influences which sperm might reach an egg and fertilize it. Those who want to have a girl are encouraged to use sex positions that limit the depth of penetration, such as the missionary position or spooning. This is because boy sperm cells swim very fast and tire easily, while slow female sperm are better at swimming through the acidic environment of the vaginal tract.

Other methods suggest that timing is just as important, and recommend having sex two or three days before ovulation or on ovulation day. Unfortunately, this isn’t scientifically supported.

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