How to Use Lush 3 Without the Lovense Remote App

If you want to play with Lush 3 without using the app, a button on its tail (that doubles as an antenna) lets you cycle through vibration patterns and intensities.

Alternatively, you can pair it with the free Lovense Remote app for wireless live control. This allows your partner to take the reins at will, even from across the room – so long as they have the permission code.

Tip Control

The Lush 3 builds on everything users loved about its predecessor and adds a few new tricks. Besides having the ability to vibe with music and creating your own patterns, the app also allows for live remote control. If you want to give your partner control of the Lush 3 while you’re using it in the bedroom, you can press and hold its power button for three seconds until you see a pinky light and feel a little buzz.

Then, pull up the free Lovense app on your phone and tap the link icon in the upper right-hand corner to bring up your toy’s name. The app will then be ready to take your Lush 3 over – but you’ll have to use a compatible mobile device and an iCloud account for the latter.

You can connect your toy to a variety of devices, including phones, tablets, and desktop computers. But the best way to use your Lush 3 is with the free Lovense Remote app. It’s available for iOS and Android, and makes your toy even more powerful.

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Besides offering seven amazing vibration patterns on its own, the app also lets you create and save custom patterns. You can also sync your Lush 3 to music and target the G spot with targeted stimulation. Plus, the app can allow for long-distance play in real time.

App Control

Aside from the control button on lush 3 which gives you seven amazing vibration patterns, the best way to use this clitoral stimulator is with the free Lovense Remote app. The app works in close range and offers a number of options including pre-programmed vibrations, music synching, and targeted G-spot stimulation. The app also allows users to create and save custom vibration patterns.

The new version of the app (version 3) is now easier to connect with and has a magnetic charger, eliminating some frustrations with pin chargers that were breaking on older models. The app itself is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for beginners. Once connected, the app will remember the Lush 3 and keep it synced so that no additional pairing is needed.

When using the app, a user can choose to play alone or with their partner. For long-distance play, both partners must have the app downloaded and their devices connected via Wifi or Bluetooth. Once paired, the app will allow either of the two to control the Lush 3.

Another fun feature is the ability to sync with other Lovense toys. When one toy vibrates, the other will correspondingly respond to create a unique interactive experience that’s perfect for couples or friends. Some examples include connecting the Nora rabbit vibrator with the Max 2 male masturbator or even connecting several Lush 3s together for group sessions.

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Music Mode

Music modes are collections of notes following a distinct order that work in harmony. They are similar to music scales, but unlike key signatures, they do not need memorizing – you simply learn how they feel and how they sound. This video from Michael Pitluk shows you a couple of different ways to practice and understand each mode.

With the app, you can create and save your own patterns if you’re an expert, sync your vibration with music, and target g-spot stimulation to your favorite areas. It also comes with a range of pre-programmed and customizable vibration patterns to get you started.

This sex toy can be controlled remotely, no matter where your partner is located. Just send them the link to download the Lovense remote app on their phone, pad, desktop or Apple Watch, and they can start controlling your lush 3.

Lush 3’s Bluetooth connection works at up to 13 meters, so you can enjoy masturbation with your partner from a distance. You can even connect your Lush 3 to another vibrator for double the fun. It also features a magnetic charger (the previous model had a pin charger) so you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking the pin or having to push it in.

Battery Life

A long-lasting battery is an essential feature for a vibrator, especially if you want to use it in public places where you could be interrupted or overhear other people’s conversations. Lovense’s Lush 3 lasts a whopping 5 hours on one charge, so you can enjoy discreet teasing sessions all day without worrying about battery life.

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The toy is also a lot quieter than its predecessor. When we tested it, the Lush 3 sounded at a comfortable 43 dB when blasting at maximum power 100% of the time. That’s a nice improvement, and it means you can enjoy the toy in public places with no risk of being heard by other people.

If you are worried about getting a low battery, don’t panic – the toy will let you know that it’s about to run out of juice by flashing a red light and turning off. A simple charge is all it takes to restore the toy to full power, and the magnetic USB charging port is much better than stabbing at a silicone toy with a regular plug.

Lovense listened to their customers when they created the Lush 2, and this third version has everything you were hoping for from a bluetooth vibrator. It’s silent, powerful, has a form-fitting antenna that’s discrete, and comes with an app that gives you plenty of options for hands-free pleasure.

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