Why Do I Feel Like I Have to Pee During Sex?

Feeling like you have to pee during sex can be uncomfortable, especially for people who don’t want to interrupt their intercourse. However, the feeling is completely normal and can be caused by one of several things.

Your bladder is very close to the front wall of your vagina, which means that a penis or sex toy can press against it and make you feel like you have to pee.

1. Your bladder is full

Many women (and men) feel like they have to pee during sex or orgasm, and it’s not as silly as you think. This sensation is actually quite normal, experts say, because the bladder and urethra are pretty close together in there. And sexual penetration can cause stimulation of the Skene glands, which are located on either side of the urethra and can trigger feelings of needing to pee.

The other reason you may feel like you have to pee during sex is that your bladder may not be empty, Shape’s resident sexpert Logan Levkoff says. “If you’re urinating regularly and not peeing during orgasm, then it might be because your bladder is full and there’s pressure on your front wall of your vagina,” she notes. “You might also be leaking fluid through your urethra and interpreting that as peeing during orgasm.”

You can help prevent this by always going to the bathroom before having sex, Fosnight says. You can also try switching positions during sex and using lube to see if that helps. And if you’re peeing regularly, make sure to be peeing before sex and after (to avoid UTIs). Lastly, if the feeling is consistent and you’ve checked with your doctor about any underlying health issues, then you should talk to your gynecologist. In some cases, the problem can be treated with pelvic floor muscle exercises or medication.

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2. You’re in the wrong position

If you’re in the bedroom and feeling like you have to pee during sex, it could mean that you’re on the verge of a orgasm. The sensation is similar to the one you experience when you’re about to ejaculate, so it might be worth waiting it out a bit before you pause sex. You can also try laying on your back and letting your partner use their fingers or a small vibrator to penetrate the top of your penis. This will give you a deeper orgasm and help eliminate the feeling of needing to pee, which often accompanies a squirt.

If this happens to you on a regular basis, talk to your healthcare provider about it. They can perform a physical examination and recommend the best treatment options for your individual symptoms. They may recommend pelvic floor exercises, medications, or other treatments based on your individual needs and medical history.

Fortunately, urinary incontinence during orgasm is a very common and treatable condition. So don’t let your fears stop you from exploring your body and having a fulfilling sexual experience with your partner. Just remember to empty your bladder before having sex, avoid excessive drinking and caffeine, and practice Kegel exercises on a regular basis. These simple tips can greatly reduce the risk of leaks during intimate moments.

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3. You’re squirting

Whether you’re a woman who experiences it or not, it’s a little confusing when you feel like you have to pee during sex. But don’t panic — it’s totally normal! It’s actually a sign that you are about to orgasm, or squirt.

Squirting is a release of liquid from the urethra that happens when a person with a vagina is turned on. It can come out in a variety of ways, from dribbles to spurts to gushy liquid. It’s not as common as orgasm, but it is very possible that you will experience a squirt at some point in your life.

For a long time, researchers believed that female ejaculate was actually urine. But then a 2015 study showed that it’s not. The researchers had seven women pee before sex, and then scanned their bladders right before and right after they squirted. They found that their bladders filled before squirting and then emptied. It’s likely that the clear liquid released during squirting comes from the skene glands, not the urinary bladder, but it may pass through the bladder at times.

Women have tissue around their urethra called the “urethral sponge,” which is similar to the erectile tissue in penises. During sex, this tissue swells up and can put pressure on the urethra and make it feel like you have to pee. It’s also possible that the feeling is due to arousal and stimulation, which can cause you to tighten up your pelvic muscles.

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4. You’re ejaculating

A common reason you feel like you have to pee during sex is because you’re actually ejaculating. This occurs when the tissue around your urethra—which you may know as the “G spot”—swells and oozes, creating a thick fluid that looks like diluted milk (see Ejaculation 101: Everything You Need to Know). You can also experience a similar sensation as if you need to pee when you’re having orgasms. This is known as female ejaculation, and it’s a totally normal part of sexual pleasure for many women and men.

You might also have the urge to pee during sex because of internal stimulation from penetration, which can cause pressure on your bladder. Or, you might be experiencing a bladder issue, such as urinary incontinence, which can occur if your muscles are spasming and releasing urine uncontrollably.

Regardless of the reason, it’s not always a good idea to stop your sex because of a feeling to pee. You might miss out on a lot of pleasure orgasms because you’re rushing to the bathroom, and you could even lose control and end up with a wet crotch. To avoid this, make sure your bladder is empty and use a high-quality lubricant to prevent vaginal dryness or irritation that can trigger the feeling to pee.

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