Can I Have Sex 9 Days After a C-section?

After a cesarean delivery, many women wonder when they can have sex again. It’s important to listen to your body and only have sex when given the go-ahead by your obstetrician.

You may also experience discomfort in the incision area or a low libido for a while. If sexual activity is painful or you are not reaching climax, talk to your doctor.

1. Warm bath

Many women feel a lack of energy and sex drive after having a C-section. That’s normal and they may need a few weeks to get the feeling back. A warm bath can help with pain and swelling from the incision site.

If you’re having trouble getting down for sex, try relaxing foreplay with your partner. Positions that let you control the depth of penetration, like reverse cowgirl or side-by-side, can make things more comfortable. A light massage with a lubricant can also boost feelings of intimacy and pleasure.

It’s important to follow your doctor’s advice about when it’s safe for you to start having sex again. Women who have C-sections need time for their incision to heal and for the uterus to return to its normal size. Continuing sexual activity too soon could lead to complications, such as infection. Many doctors give their patients the go-ahead to resume sex close to their six-week checkup.

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2. Shower

While you’re not allowed to have penetrative sex until you’re six weeks postpartum, having your partner pleasure you with their hands or mouth is completely fine. However, it’s important to check with your practitioner before doing so. Resuming sexual activity too soon could lead to infections and other complications.

Many women who have had C-sections wonder when they can safely have sex again. While there’s no set answer, most doctors recommend waiting until you get the go-ahead at your six week postpartum checkup.

This allows your uterus and cervix to heal, and for your incision to close. It also gives you enough time to experiment with sex positions that work for you. Just remember that having sex after a C-section will likely feel different. Your body’s been through a lot, so honor it as it feels ready to. Be patient and communicate with your partner so you can find the right position for both of you.

3. Light massage

Resuming sexual activity after a C-section can feel awkward and strange, especially if the incision site feels sore and tender. To make the experience more comfortable, try slowing down, experimenting with different positions that allow you to control depth of penetration and keep pressure off the incision area, and using a lubricant. It also helps to use foreplay to get aroused, as this can help with pain and discomfort during sex.

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Most OBs recommend waiting six weeks to have vaginal intercourse after a cesarean, as this allows time for any internal bleeding to stop and the incision to heal. However, it’s important to remember that every woman is different and her body will recover at its own pace. In addition, if you had an emergency C-section or experienced complications during delivery, you may need more time to recover. You should also discuss sex with your obstetrician before you have a baby.

5. Compression stockings

During your C-section, the medical team may put compression stockings on your legs to help reduce the risk of blood clots. Try to wear these as often as possible for the first six weeks after your operation.

While it’s perfectly safe to resume sex after your C-section, you’ll want to make sure that your incision is healed. Experiment with sex positions that don’t put pressure on your incision, such as being on top and side-lying.

Don’t worry if you still feel numb around your scar – this is normal and can last for weeks, even months for some women. If this is a real problem for you, try talking to your partner or joining a new mothers’ group where you can talk with other women who have experienced the same thing.

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6. Massage

Depending on the type of delivery, a woman can experience pain in the area of her incision. This is normal and will resolve over time. A warm compress or massage can help relieve this pain. Women may also experience numbness or tingling around this area after birth.

While most doctors advise waiting six weeks before resuming sexual activity, this timeline is not set in stone and every woman is different. If you are ready to have sex sooner, your doctor will likely approve it as long as you aren’t experiencing any pain or bleeding.

Once you’re cleared to resume sex, try to experiment with positions that don’t put pressure on the incision site. It’s also a good idea to use lubrication, especially since the hormones released during pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause vaginal dryness.

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