What Are Fleshlights Made Of?

Fleshlights are super silky and soft, and they boast amazing textures that no quick-improvised fuck toy could ever match. However, they’re also pretty expensive.

What if you could make your own DIY fleshlight for a fraction of the cost? Here are 3 easy, effective options. You probably even have most of the ingredients at home already!


Fleshlight is a popular brand of male masturbators that use a proprietary material called SuperSkin. This is a combination of supple rubber polymers and mineral oils that is marketed as being extremely realistic and sumptuously soft. It is also believed that it warms up faster than ordinary TPE blends, and it is very safe to use (because it doesn’t contain phthalates).

A number of reviews mention how great these strokers feel, with one commenter saying that using a Fleshlight “feels like having a real vagina”. Another gushed about how a stroker by this company makes masturbation more intimate and enjoyable.

Many of the sleeves used in these toys are molded to resemble specific body parts, such as mouths, vaginas, and buttholes. Some have textured canals that run all the way through the toy, making it even more realistic. The patented material and these detailed visuals are part of what helps these masturbators stand apart from your average pocket pussy.

Fleshlights are also known for being very durable, and they’re often able to be used for quite a long time before they need to be replaced. However, this durability goes hand in hand with the need for proper hygiene and cleaning. Fully washing and drying a fleshlight after every use will help it last longer, and can prevent irritation.

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Hard Plastic

Unlike some other brands, which make their masturbators from silicone or similar materials, Fleshlight makes its toys out of hard plastic. It’s a durable material that mimics the look and feel of human skin and is free of latex. Many customers love that it’s easy to clean, and that the textured canals provide lots of stimulation.

Fleshlight’s masturbation sleeves are molded using a “top-secret recipe”. They then go to the powdering room, where they are coated in cornstarch, which gives them a silky, skin-like texture. After that, they’re ready to be packaged. The sleeves are stored on metal racks, separated by style, until they’re purchased.

As a result, it’s common to see multiple reviews from users who have used the same toy for years. It’s a good thing too, since reusable masturbators can become tacky after a while without regular cleaning and drying. Fortunately, Fleshlight’s hard case helps to prevent this from happening.

If you want to try making a homemade fleshlight, the most important step is to find a suitable mold. I’d recommend starting with a simple molding medium like Mold Star 16 Fast by Smooth-On, which is cheap and easy to work with. Next, you’ll need a can – I prefer using an empty can of Pringles because it’s the perfect size and shape. Then, shove a latex glove in there and stretch its cuff around the top.

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Soft Plastic

The patented material that Fleshlight uses for its strokers is called “SuperSkin,” and it’s soft, able to retain heat, and phthalate free. It’s also easy to clean, which is important when it comes to a masturbation toy that has a textured canal running all the way through its length. Fleshlight customers call it a ‘fucktoy’, and they love it because of its highly realistic feel and ability to transport them into their fantasies.

While details about how the toy is made are a closely-guarded secret, John says that it’s a mix of amorphous polymers like PVC and silicone. This material is similar to CyberSkin, another thermoplastic faux-skin material used in many non-Fleshlight brand sex toys and dolls. The material is also a bit slicker than CyberSkin, so it’s less likely to harbor bacteria or fungus.

To make a DIY Fleshlight, you need platinum cure silicone (which is body-safe). Smooth-On makes all sorts of silicones, but for DIY sex toys you want one that is medium hardness, so it’s easier to mold and harder to break down with lubricants or hot water. You’ll also need a mold, and for this we recommend the Mold Star 16 Fast, which is quick to use and doesn’t require degassing. This molding medium is used by many indie sex toy makers for their creations.


Fleshlights are the bestselling male masturbation toys in history, and while the outer shell of a fleshlight resembles an emergency grade flashlight, once you open it up, the magic really begins. The inside is squishy, fleshy, textured and deliciously arousing. This is what makes a fleshlight so unique and so popular, especially since there are different orifices available in the shapes of favorite porn stars such as Jessica Drake’s mouth, Stoya’s vulva and Tori Black’s butt.

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Silicones (or siloxanes) are a class of synthetic polymers that combine the properties of rubber and plastic. Silicones lack carbon atoms, which normally make up the backbones of organic compounds, and instead have alternating silicon and oxygen atoms. They are capable of taking on a wide range of forms, including malleable rubber-like materials, hard plasticlike resins and thick spreadable fluids.

Silicone is a very common material in both consumer and industrial applications. It’s found in things like silicone baking mats, baby bottle nipples and sleeves, utensils, cosmetics, and various household and cleaning products. In more industrial contexts, silicones are used in sealants, adhesives, and lubricants. They are also used to coat electronics devices and to improve energy efficiency by reducing the amount of heat that is transferred from one surface to another. Silicones are not biodegradable or recyclable, and once they’re no longer in use, they must either be turned into a new silicone product or disposed of in landfills.

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