How to Find Sex Toys on Amazon

It takes a bit of finesse and insider knowledge to buy sex toys on Amazon. This is because it can be hard to distinguish real name brand products from counterfeit ones that may have dangerous materials or low quality electronics.

Buying from a name brand adult storefront will ensure that you are getting an authentic product. However, these stores are not always discreet in their shipping packaging.

1. Search for “Sex Toys”

While Amazon can be a one-stop shop for just about anything, searching for “sex toys” on the site often brings up pages of children’s toys and muscle massage guns. This can be frustrating, especially when looking for a particular toy like a dildo or vibrator. It can also be dangerous, as counterfeits and unsafe materials can lurk on the site.

When shopping for sex toys on Amazon, it is important to be aware of the risks and watch out for red flags. This includes reviews with misspellings or too few details, products from small sellers (shop swap), and prices that seem too good to be true.

It is also important to consider how the sex toy will be used and whether or not it can be recycled. Many sex toys are made from non-biodegradable plastics that can be toxic if they enter the body, and some have batteries that need to be removed before being disposed of. Additionally, some sex toys have shapes or sizes that may not be appropriate for certain users and can leave behind an uncomfortable sensation.

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2. Search for “Sexy Toys”

Amazon is the place where you can buy literally anything, from cute workout clothes to all the travel essentials you’ll need for your vacay (hey, they even sell real x-ray scans of a human skeleton, for real). But when it comes to purchasing sex toys on amazon, you might be in for a bit of a surprise.

One of the main issues is that a lot of the products sold on amazon are not always 100% authentic or made from body-safe materials. This is due to third party sellers who can list any product on the site, including counterfeit and lower quality versions of sex toys.

If you’re looking to shop safely, you can start by looking for sex toys from brands that you trust like Womanizer and Satisfyer. These companies will sell their own sex toys directly on amazon, which is great because it means you can get top-rated, discreet shipping and know that the toy you’re purchasing is actually the real deal. You can also look for a tamper-proof sticker when you’re buying, to help ensure that the toy hasn’t been used or abused before it arrives on your doorstep.

3. Search for “Sexy Dolls”

While amazon is one of the best places to shop for sex toys, it takes some finesse and insider knowledge to avoid getting ripped off. As a general rule, you should always approach markdowns and discounts with a little bit of skepticism. Name brands like Doc Johnson and Vixen are very well known to have an amazon presence, but that also means there are tons of smaller sellers that are selling the same products as these larger companies. It’s important to look at the seller and double check their name before you purchase to ensure you’re getting a legitimate, safe product from a recognized brand.

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If you’re looking for a discreet way to add some kinky fun to your evenings, try this sexy vibrator necklace by Crave. It has four settings (low, medium, high and pulsating), is made from body-safe materials and can be worn under your clothes. For those who want something more extreme, Tantaly has an amazon store where you can find their torso sex dolls and other larger strokers. Just remember to read the reviews and look for any misspellings or short, vague comments as these are a good sign that you’re likely dealing with a counterfeit or low-quality product.

4. Search for “Sexy Swing Frames”

While Amazon can be an amazing resource for things like lube and feminine wipes, it’s not always easy to find sex toys. After all, it’s easy for counterfeit or lower quality sex toys to make their way into the online marketplace – and they often come with less-than-desirable shipping and return policies.

However, if you know where to look, you can unlock the secret stash of sex toys on amazon with a little bit of finesse and insider knowledge. All you need to do is search for the specific type of clitoral stimulator you want, and then click on “Health and Household Products” or “Sexual Wellness.”

From there, you can find a wide variety of vibrators and sex toys for all types of stimulation. One of our favorites is this rose-shaped sex toy that vibrates, flutters and thrusts. It’s a top-rated toy on amazon and has tons of five-star reviews. The fluttering and thrusting features are perfect for long-distance intimacy or adding an extra element to phone sex or sexting. Plus, it’s a great option for anal play beginners who aren’t ready to jump into penetration quite yet.

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5. Search for “Sexy Massagers”

Buying sex toys online is a great way to save money. However, you must make sure that the pleasure products you are purchasing are from a trusted source. You want a toy that is made from safe materials and is designed with penetrative play in mind. In addition, you want a product that will last a long time and come with a good warranty.

Unfortunately, many online shopping platforms like Amazon can lead you astray when it comes to purchasing pleasure products. This is because they often place cheap knock-offs in front of higher quality name brand products. In addition, some adult products are difficult to find on Amazon because they are sourced by third party sellers who may not be authorized to sell them.

For example, if you purchase a Doc Johnson product on Amazon, you may end up with a counterfeit version of the toy. One way to avoid counterfeits is to look for a tamper-proof sticker on the package before opening it. If the tamper-proof sticker has been removed, this is a sign that you are receiving a fake product.

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